Why is it Hard For You to Dream? -PART 1 Love Bombs 22

June 26th, 2014

Dave has always been the visionary in our relationship and I the nose to the grindstone doer with very little vision, just give me the parts and I will make it happen.  Today we start a conversation about this idea of dreaming, opening up your mind to other possibilities and also how you support each other in that quest.  Because I'll tell you it is really hard to dream when you are with someone who is not supportive...been there done that. 

Do you dare to dream?


What Mind Games Do You Play? - Love Bombs 21

June 19th, 2014

You probably don't want to admit this, but you play mind games.  Some are subtle and harmless while some can cause some real damage.  Dave and I share the mind games we play and figure out some strategies on how to change that.

 Are there ways to be more direct and not rely on games to communicate?


Is Technology Tearing Us Apart? - Love Bombs 20

June 12th, 2014

Technology offers us some pretty amazing things. We can talk to and see loved ones whenever we want, we can find love, we can find jobs, relocate easily.  Basically all the words information is at our fingertips. Technology also has some downsides like changing the way we communicate and what we communicate.

Today Dave and I discuss technology and it’s impact on our relationships. How has technology changed the way you relate to people?

Should We Be Shopping for Love on LinkedIn? - Love Bombs19

June 5th, 2014

If you're on LinkedIn you may or may not know some people are looking for love and using Linkedin like a dating site. And now others are building apps to make that even easier.  Where are the boundaries between social and business?  I have very strong feelings about all of that and share my thoughts.

Do you think LinkedIn should be used for finding love?

UPDATE: I actually heard from a representatives of one of the apps that uses Linkedin profiles for dating and they clarified that people have to opt in to be included as a potential match, it doesn't just pull everybody, which makes me feel a bit better. But the bottom line is I still find the idea to be off putting and it encourages the use of Linkedin data in a way that is totally unnecessary. If you want to date, use dating sites.  I don't want to have to worry if people are puffing up their LinkedIn profiles because they are angling for a date.