The Teachable Moments of the Show Marriage Boot Camp; Bridezillas! - Love Bombs Show 9

March 20th, 2014

I have a really guilty pleasure.  It's a show called Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. They now have the whole season on Netflix. I can have all the drama without the messiness of actually having it directly in my life and oh yeah it was professional research! Win-win!


The premise of the show is they take the self-proclaimed Bridezillas who are now married and help them with their (surprise, surprise) floundering marriages.  I expected a major train wreck but the coaches on the show seemed to really have some great tools to get at some significant relationship hurdles. I won't give away the ending though, you will have to watch for yourself.

Dave and I talk about the show, what we got out of it and how even these sensationalized reality shows can give you a few nuggets of wisdom.